The Addendum

This is the Addendum to my original idea for this blog.


Originally I planned to write one blog a week… instead I wrote several last week, almost one a week. I cannot possibly do that, especially since I have class, and will be starting full school term (and probably overloading) after my summer study is over.  Instead I am committing to no less than 3 posts a week, on any day a week.


At the moment there are three sections:

Sue Authors Anonymous, which will be infrequent and only come up when people send me things to critique.

Standard Fixes, where most posts will go. This section is dedicated to discussing different common problems a Sue may have, why and how they can and cannot work, and how to fix the problems.

Tools for the Job, which will be more frequent than SAA, and less frequent than Standard Fixes.  The point is to suggest specific tools to help fix characters. This section is also for examining the good and bad types of tools to use.


I may add more sections as time comes around.


This post will fit under a separate section called Rules and Stuff, where things like FAQs, addendums, laws, whatever, will go. Anything in these sections do not count toward my 3 a week goal. They simply serve as guides to help the reader be less confused.


The Tags will include the standard fanfiction/mary sue variations, but also any specific series that I mention or refer to. Other things that will be put in tags include other topics and subject matters that I’ve spoken of. The Tags for anything under the R&S section will be minimal.


All of this was written when I was sane, and at least semi-lucid due to lack of sleep; but they will continue to apply until such times as another addendum or upon my death.

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